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In your new patient information packet, you probably read and signed an Informed Consent for Narcotics. This is a contract between you and Pain Consultants of the Rockies. The purpose of the contract is not to convey mistrust, intimidate, or make us appear inflexible. Rather, it is a tool used by our office to help us efficiently monitor and treat your pain. By requiring patients to call before increasing their narcotic usage, we are able to assess the situation and possibly make other suggestions or order tests such as x-rays or lab work. By requiring patients to decline narcotic from other providers and to use only one pharmacy, we are better able to assess your narcotic usage and therefore your requirements. We also remain in compliance with State and Federal laws pertaining to prescribing narcotics.


The purpose of this contract is to make clear our expectations regarding appointments and behaviors. We have designed a program that requires input from different specialties like Psychological Services to Physical Therapy. We rely on these services to aid in our assessment and treatment of your pain. We understand that some of you may come to us having already attempted some of these services and may have had less desirable outcomes. However, we are confident in our referrals and ask that you comply with our recommendations. **NOTE** Matters discussed with Psychological Services are confidential. Pain Consultants of the Rockies is provided a report from them that addresses only your pain issues.

There are certain behaviors and/or actions that will not be tolerated by our office. First, we will not abide threatening words or act. Our "zero tolerance" policy states these are grounds for immediate dismissal from practice. Second, we can understand that problems, concerns and questions come up which require our attention. We ask that you call the office and leave a detailed message for our Medical Assistant. Messages are answered as quickly as possible. Please do not stop in to speak with a staff member without an appointment, as this will delay our interactions with patients scheduled for that day. Multiple telephone calls for the same issue will not change our response time. Problems or concerns are handled in order of severity.

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